The Blonde Hair Dictionary: Defining Every Shade Under the Sun

So you can find the exact hue for you.

No two shades of blonde are quite the same. Blonde comes in dozens of iterations, from strawberry blonde and honey blonde to caramel blonde and buttercream blonde—and many, many other shades that don't sound quite as delicious (but still look gorgeous). It's not just a light-to-dark spectrum, either: Blonde hair can veer towards white, yellow, red, brown, orange and rose gold tones, and manages to look completely different every time. It's easily the most versatile hair color (if you can even call it a single color), because it lends itself beautifully to so many different tones and textures.

The ambition of going blonde seems to be a state of hair being that almost everyone goes through once in their life. Of course you could always bleach your own hair at home, but the results may not be exactly what you wanted. So put the box dye down and go see a hair colorist. Whether want to achieve the buttery blonde of Marilyn Monroe or a more natural ombré blonde, there's a style and shade for you. Maybe you're not ready to fully lean into a completely blonde look—that's fine; there's highlight and lowlight styles for all. We took the liberty of naming every single freaking shade of blonde out there, along with photos, so you can easily share with your stylist.

Bleached Goddess Micro Braids

Behold: Zoe Kravitz rocking a micro braid and taking it to the next level with a seamless ivory blonde. Uplift your protective style with the icy blonde tone you've probably always wanted.

Light Ashy Blonde

The natural-root-to-platinum-blonde-length isn't new, but Selena Gomez gives it an edge with this choppy lob. From the crafted brow to red lip, it's the epitome of blonde.

Barely There Blonde

Keep it classy like the lovely Halle Berry with some touches of blonde atop a natural root grow-out. Buttery brunette shades entwine with the subtlest blonde for a flattering framing style.

Beyond Blonde

A perfectly couffed pale yellow blonde will make you feel like the rich wine aunt who owns a villa in Tuscany. Or maybe you're just a big fan of Lady Gaga and her ever-revolving blonde hair (and wigs).

Shadow Rooted Crisp Blonde

The softest rose pink undertones pair beautifully with the light blonde color—and it's a show stopper on Blackpink's Rosé.

Brassy Blonde

On the opposite spectrum, Amandla Stenberg proves that brassy blonde is a gorgeous option for a less intense bleach treatment if you're bleaching your own hair or stuck picking between the different blonde tones.

Honey Bee Blonde

We're still in the age of Blonde Beyoncé. Even if her strands have been leaning towards coppery browns lately, there's always some highlighted blonde that's fit for a queen.

Caramel Blonde

Ciara's mix of butterscotch- and caramel-colored highlights gives new meaning to the phrase "good enough to eat."

Marilyn Monroe Blonde

The original blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, would be proud of Anya Taylor-Joy's entire style, from blonde hair to heeled shoe. The Queen's Gambit star might not have been going for a Monroe look, but she achieved it anyway—proving that blondes do have more fun.

Platinum Blonde Locs

More blonde protective styles please! Chloe X Halle's very own Chloe Bailey puts a new meaning to blonde ambition with these platinum locs.

Dark Rooted Beige Balayage

The definition of sultry blonde: Laverne Cox's subtle balayage from a natural root to pale ash ends. Upkeep pale blonde hair with the right purple shampoo to avoid brassiness.

Golden Dirty Blonde

J-Lo teeters between blonde and brunette with her softly blended dirty blonde strands.

Soft Yellow Platinum Blonde

Brassiness is not welcome here, and Solange proves that with this cream blonde that is balanced between platinum and yellow.

Cream Soda Blonde

With '90s spiky hair not necessary (but highly encouraged), this blonde dream is the result of a pale yellow blonde shading out to a golden blonde tone. It gives definition at every hair flip or updo.

Butter Blonde

Back in the '90s, Madonna proudly showed off Marilyn Monroe-esque butter blonde curls.

Stripy Blonde

Popularized by Christina Aguilera during the mid-'00s, this is an unforgettable shade—and since Y2K is coming back in style, go ahead and take it to your stylist.

Peek-a-Boo Blonde

A modern twist on the previous look, Miley Cyrus proves that peek-a-boo strands contrast perfect against super light blonde hair. The unfolding of a true rockstar look.

Peach-y Blonde

Emma Stone swapped her signature red hair for this pale-blonde hue that's ever so slightly peach-tinged (peep those subtle blush lowlights).

Root-y Blonde

There's nothing wrong with skipping a color appointment when those dark roots make your blonde look that much better.

Icy Blonde

One of the coolest new hues of the season is Cara Delevingne's take on white-blonde: a platinum white and silver shade that immediately illuminates her face.

Practically-Strawberry Blonde

In ultra-cool, French-girl fashion, Clémence Poésy takes the concept of strawberry blonde and cranks it up to a billion.

Silver-Yellow Blonde

This shade is significantly warmer than its cousin silver blonde, but has an icy edge to it.

Blush Blonde

To keep light-blonde shades from washing you out, add in some blush undertones, as seen in Julia Roberts' waves, to give a natural warmth to your face.

Gradient Blonde

If you look past the Flock of Seagulls hairdo and focus only on the color, you'll see that Margot Robbie's hair has a perfectly smooth gradient of blonde, from honey at the roots to butter at the ends.

Rose Gold Blonde

Color chameleon Katy Perry goes for a subtler shade of rose gold that's a combination of pastel pink and blonde. The more platinum the base is, the more iridescent the resulting hue will be.

Fire Blonde

Named as such because it resembled flames licking the head, fire blonde is a mix of red, orange, and yellowish tones. It also looks fire.

Golden Platinum

Gwen Stefani's signature bright shade, with definitively warm, almost bronze-y undertones, is the epitome of Old Hollywood glam.

Barbie Blonde

This hue speaks for itself: It's that lightish blonde that's the perfect shade of platinum without looking unnatural.

Champagne Blonde

A subdued, creamy blonde that's also infused with platinum and golden accents? That's cause for a champagne celebration.

Lilac Blonde

Alright, technically this iridescent pearl color walks the "white" line, but it still falls into the blonde category thanks to its mix of platinum blonde, light blue, and purple highlights.

Spotlight Blonde

See Poppy Delevingne's bright-blonde hair? See how it looks like she's standing in a perpetual spotlight? That's the result of clean, mega-white dye, with pale-blonde toner.

Golden Blonde

Charlize Theron's muted take on golden blonde gleams against her porcelain skin.

Fair Amber Blonde

Blake Lively takes a darker turn with this burnt spin on classic golden blonde.

Bright Golden Blonde

Blonde shades can go brassy fast, so make like Kate Hudson and ask for a dye with cool undertones, rather than warm, for a non-orange finish.

Sandy Blonde

Sunny highlights illuminate Reese Witherspoon's sandy base shade.

Chestnut Blonde

This dirty blend of light brown and blonde complements Gigi Hadid's rosy, summer glow.

Neutral Blonde

Neutral colors create a blend between warm and cool shades. This nude blonde color mimics Seyfried's natural tones, as if she hadn't dyed her hair at all.

Silver Blonde

Ellie Goulding gives blonde a heavy-metal twist with this sterling wash.

Brushed-On Bright Blonde

Ashley Olsen's colorist deserves a medal! Her chunky, painterly highlights are striking, yet natural looking.


Sienna Miller walks a chic line between blonde, pink, and orange without it feeling (can't believe we're saying this) too unnatural.

Gingery Blonde

Blonde has always been Rachel McAdam's go-to color, but our favorite iteration is this version with a warm ginger tint.

Golden Beige Blonde

We love when Jennifer Aniston stays true to her brown roots, but especially when they're lifted with golden highlights.

Light Copper Blonde

A warm blend of red and golden blonde creates this summery marmalade hue.