Man Kidnapped Teen, Kept Her As Sex Slave In His House For 14 Years

A shocking case has emerged from western Russia, where a man is alleged to have kept a woman as a sex slave in his Chelyabinsk home for 14 years. The woman, now 33 years old, asserts she was held captive since 2009 and sexually assaulted more than 1,000 times.

The suspect, 51-year-old Vladimir Cheskidov, has been arrested following the woman's escape and subsequent report to the police. Cheskidov is also implicated in the murder of a second woman in the same house in 2011.

Local reports indicate Cheskidov's mother aided the captive woman, known only as Ekaterina, in her escape. Ekaterina claims she was permitted to leave the bedroom only to undertake house chores, under threat of violence.

Upon searching Cheskidov's property, police uncovered a collection of sex toys, muzzles, and pornographic CDs. Additionally, human remains were found in the house's basement.

According to Russia Today, Cheskidov met Ekaterina in 2009 when she was 19 and lured her to his house under the pretense of socialising. Cheskidov, reportedly suffering from mental illness, was hospitalised when his condition worsened, providing Ekaterina with the opportunity to escape.

Cheskidov is now facing charges of murder, rape, and kidnapping, and is currently in a mental institution under police supervision.