Sex doll customers order models that 'look like their friends' girlfriends' in bizarre trend

Doll-makers Silicone Sex World say celebrity lookalikes aren't as popular as you might expect, with blokes opting for more "every day" looks.

Product specialist Andy Phelps told the Daily Star: "We do get customers who enquire about celebrity dolls, although they are not as popular as you may think.

"We do get some strange requests for dolls that look like friends' girlfriends."

The weird trend is also confirmed by the founder of Sex Doll Official, Jade Stanley.

Ms Stanley, who runs an adult shop near Birmingham, told the Star: "In terms of customisation, it's anything whatsoever — celebrity, dead spouse or someone you fancy."

"It really does vary, you get people asking for a Kim Kardashian, or a girl next door.

"It's just so different across the board."

Sex dolls are one of the priciest products in the sex toy business, which is reckoned to be worth an eye-watering £38billion by 2020.

Some dolls can set you back as much as £15,000, and there are even brothels cropping up where punters can try the dolls across Europe and America.