Three Indonesian Luxury Villas By The Sea

Indonesian luxury villas with sea views. Featuring outdoor living spaces and modern Indonesian interiors, with rustic accents & accessories and wood clad decor.

Located on Lombok, an island in West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, three amazing luxury villas stand poised, overlooking the waters edge. Designed by Alejandro Borrego, the builds each span between 400 and 450 square metres, with the sites ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 square metres.

Glorious sea views wash past towering palm trees onto sweeping outdoor living spaces, and into rich wood toned interiors of impressive scale. Indonesian spice flavours the stylish interior designs of the residential homes, where clean modern furniture pieces meet with natural rustic accents and accessories. Wood clad walls climb behind crisp white upholstery and linens, whilst timber tidbits sprinkle authentic character.

First up is the largest of our three villas at 450 square metres, located on the smallest of the three sites at 1.500 square metres. The client brief requested a simplified Mediterranean architectural design be realised. In response, streamlined blocks were stacked to create the house’s modern shape. Outdoor furniture was kept low and sleek, and an outdoor conversation pit was sunk into the pool patio.

Keeping the furniture low allows the outdoor space to run smooth with the horizon, and for the trees to maintain their starring role in the magnificent view.

Sitting in the sunken conversation pit seems to sink you right into the ocean.

In the evenings, moonlight floods the pale marble patio.

The house is surrounded by dense green scenery, in the exclusive luxury residential development of Tampah Hills.

The idyllic setting bathes the home in calm. An infinity pool flows in an L-shape around the property.

Palm trees reflect in the surface of the infinity pool.

Sun loungers lay low at the water’s edge.

Mediterranean style interior design mixes with Indonesian flavour. A lively array of naturally bright cement, cream coloured marble and dark iron wood were sourced locally from Lombok and other parts of Indonesia.

A combination of rustic and modern pieces make up the look, like these modern nesting coffee tables in the midst of raw walls and wooden elements.

A massive dining table seats a minimum of eleven party guests–with room for a couple more to squeeze in thanks to an extensive dining bench.

The dining area runs alongside the kitchen in a vast open plan room, and also adjoins with the outdoor living space. The house is designed to be comfortable and sustainable in its tropical climate; cross ventilation is achieved by keeping living spaces completely open with screens for shade.

A variety of kitchen pendant lights dangle above a large kitchen island, with modern kitchen bar stools. Traditional pottery items adorn the top of tall and rustic wooden cabinets along the back wall.

The master suite of the four bedroom house contains a 4 poster bed, where a unique ceiling fan assists a cool nights sleep.

A small floor reading lamp and chaise lounge chair make up a reading area in the bedroom.

Sunlight filters through decorative bricks and a mini jungle inside the ensuite luxury bathroom.

Palm trees sway beyond a walk-in shower.

An outdoor bathtub basks in the sun’s rays.

Greenery engulfs the modern home exterior.

Our next luxury Indonesian villa stands on a sloping site measuring 2,000 square metres, with a build of 400 square metres.

Upon studying the site, the designers became inspired by the red-ish brown colour of the soil that nurtured the surrounding plants. The earthy colour palette was adopted into the architecture and interior wall colour of the entire house, blending it with the habitat.

The largest furniture pieces are kept light against the dark and earthy walls, though an accent chair in the lounge blends with the wood tone in the room. A small floor lamp provides reading light by its side.

A canopy of climbing plants help protect the house from strong direct sunlight.

Gorgeous stonework builds a bathtub and matching vanity unit.

A comfy lounge chair and pouf set rest out by the pool.

A modern yet rustic dining set stretches out by the kitchen.

The houses sustainable design incorporates simple local materials, such as sand stone, natural coloured cement, and teak wood.

A day bed is supremely placed for the view.

Locally sourced accessories accentuate the interior.

The house stands 75 meters above sea level, oriented toward the glittering ocean in the south.

Another 400 square metre build on a 2,000 square metre site in Tampah Hills, located an hour from Lombok Airport. The exterior was designed using basic geometry, giving the home the look of a floating block, with a simple roof. Cantilevered on one side, the villa sits lightly on the land and faces out toward the ocean.

Moving inside the villa, there is a living room with a spectacular view.

A simplistic approach was taken for the interior design too, where a minimal colour palette is at play. Beige coloured cement from the soil of the site was employed to cover the house, giving it a local feel.

Sitting 60 meters above sea level, with panoramic views of ocean and tropical forest, the home was designed with its main living spaces completely open.

The cross air flow makes the home more sustainable.

By night, the house lights up the forest.

Wood slat screens provide shade but maintain air flow.

Wood clad walls shape the interior.

A large indoor plant grows inside one of the three impressive bedrooms. The glass vase on the live edge wood side table is the Échasse Vase by Menu.

A rustic bathroom vanity faces into the forest.