Ukraine's first 'war babies' are born

As Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine nears the 10-month mark, the first so-called 'war babies' are being born.

But for these parents, the pregnancies are often accompanied by a lot of stress as Moscow regularly carried out strikes on the country's hospitals.

Baby Sofia is just one week old, her mother Inna fled from Odesa to Lviv to give birth.

"I suggested that she go abroad, but she didn`t want to," said Sofia's father Dmytro.

"No, we waited here for you." How else could he have seen his newborn child? We decided to go to Lviv, where there was the least chance of bombing" said Inna.

“My whole pregnancy was very stressful. For the first three months, my husband was not allowed to leave the front to visit me. I was very insecure" she explained.

While Inna is relieved she was able to give birth in a hospital, others have not been so lucky.

According to the UN's Population Fund, many women have had no option but to give birth in basements and bomb shelters.

Nevertheless, this couple fears the future. Dmytro, a Ukrainian soldier, was given leave to be with his wife during her delivery but will return to the front next week.