These Bathroom Plants Will Help You Create Your Own Indoor Oasis

Create a spa-like feel with plants in your bathroom.

You might have warmed up the decor in your home with succulent plants, potted herbs, indoor trees, and cactus gardens, but what about the bathroom? You can make yours instantly more homey and more spa-like to boot with a tropical plant that welcomes the extra warmth humidity in the space from baths and showers.

No light? No problem if you select the right low light plants or even add an LED growing light to dark corners. No space? A hanging pot might be your perfect solution. Be careful not to over water these plants, though, since the naturally higher level of moisture in a bathroom they might not need as much.

We should also note that research shows that spending time in nature is good for your mental health and can lower blood pressure and pulse rate, and indoor plants have similar stress-reducing benefits. That's all the more reason to add a plant to every room in your home, starting with the bathroom.

And now for the best bathroom plants for your bathroom-turned-private spa.

Spider Plant

These plants with strappy arching leaves are easy to grow and perfect for hanging baskets. Spider plants prefer bright light, but they’ll tolerate lower levels too. The tiny plantlets can be snipped off to grow new baby plants.

Prayer Plant

This elegant, low-key plant is actually a beautiful, under-appreciated option that's finally getting some attention! It's also not finicky. Its pretty red-veined leaves curl up, as if in prayer, in response to darkness. It likes moderate light and moist soil.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant, short for its botanical name Zamioculcas zamiifolia, seems to thrive on neglect! It doesn't need lots of light, and it will survive even if you forget to water it for a few weeks.

Air Plants

This plant, also known as tillandsia, is a cute little epiphyte, meaning it grows without soil in bright, filtered light. They’re often displayed in a hanging pot or mounted on a piece of wood. Water your plant about once a week by swishing it in the sink, letting it drain overnight, and then putting it back in place the next day.


This compact succulent won't take up a lot of space in your bathroom. Haworthia takes medium bright light and it doesn't need watered for weeks at a time. And admit it: It's really cute!


Pothos has long, vining stems and shiny, bright green leaves. Oh, and did we mention it's almost possible to kill? It likes moderate light but will tolerate low light conditions. Let the soil dry out between waterings.

Moth Orchids

Orchids are less delicate than you think, and they stay in bloom for months! They need bright light, so place them near a window. They’ll enjoy the high humidity levels in bathrooms.

Peace Lily

Peace lily has shiny green leaves and pretty white flowers. It likes moderate light, but is tolerant of low light levels, too. However, it does need bright light to make it bloom.

Bird's Nest Fern

The upright fronds of the bird’s nest fern make a pretty, bold accent on not-too-drafty window sills. They need bright light and will enjoy a bathroom’s humidity.

English Ivy

English Ivy does well in hanging baskets or trained as a topiary. There are many different varieties, some with very fine serrated or variegated leaves. They like moderate light and should dry out somewhat between waterings.

Snake Plant

This plant is basically indestructible! Snake plants comes in many different forms with spiky, upright leaves that will tolerate low light conditions. Let the snake plant dry out between waterings.


Peperomia is one of those fun-to-grow plants because of its cute puckered heart-shaped leaves and dense mounded shape. It can handle low to moderate light. Make sure to let soil dry out before watering.


This low-maintenance plant, also called Chinese evergreen, has long, strappy leaves that have a silvery tinge. It tolerates low light better than most plants. Keep its soil lightly moist at all times.

Heartleaf Philondendron

These plants are incredibly easy-to-grow and have pretty leaves shaped as (you guessed it!) little hearts. They like moderate light but put up with low light. Let them dry slightly between waterings.


Dracaena comes in many different and dramatic varieties, but they're all low-maintenance plants. It prefers high light but will tolerate lower light levels. Let it dry out between waterings.