The nape bob is sexy, understated, and so easy to maintain

We're obsessed.

Forget plunging necklines or extra short skirts, the chicest way to show a little skin is via your haircut. So, we're trading in raising our hemline (although, we might do that as well) for slicing an extra few inches off our strands.

We keep spotting the nape bob on some of the most stylish influencers. The jist is, it should be cut short enough so that if you lean forward, the back of your neck is exposed. Saucy.

This coincides rather nicely with roll-neck season, meaning you can maximise the drama of your favourite knits which can also help to frame and elongate elegant necks. But it also means that lower necklines, and off-shoulder cardigan situations benefit from some slinky bare-neck action.

There's a few different ways to wear it. There's slightly stacked which sees the hair right at the nape getting razored to create a fuller, chunkier-feeling bob at the back.

There's blunt, like this out-grown Frenchie bob which hits at the lip line. Pair it with a heavy, luxurious lash-length fringe for extra oomph, like Taylor Lashae.

There's A-line(ish), like this blunt-looking bob which imperceptibly slopes downward from the nape and hits at the chin to leave most of the neck bare.

Or there's straight-up A-line which works particularly well if you want a risqué length at the back, but more length at the front. This bob by @cleencuts will expose a little neckline when you lean forward, but if you want to make it more dramatic, take the A-line shape and just ask your hairdresser to shorten it a couple of inches.

As for styling, we love an ear-tuck which gives a relaxed-sexy vibe, whilst adding a practical element (it gets our hair out of our face). @sephorakng created this fresh cropped bob using Eva Wigs to get it to exactly the right lobe-and-nape-grazing length. We're obsessed.

So for a chop that makes the cut, the nape bob is top of our radar.