Standout Japanese Home Style Where Craftsmanship Meets Creative Quirks

Modern Japanese interiors with unique design solutions. Featuring luxurious living spaces, modern craftsmanship, elegant Shōji screens, and designer furniture.

The distinguishing refined colour palette and laconic forms of traditional Japanese interiors meet extraordinary design solutions in these three inspirational home concepts. The most seductive of our three interior examples, our first Japanese home design is large and luxurious. Many traditional elements of Japanese design come to the forefront here but chiefly with a creative modern twist.

Our second concept is layered with contemporary craftsmanship and reimagined classics to achieve a sleek combination of style, class, and sophistication. Our final tour takes place inside a compact modern home where unique and quirky pieces bring a fresh and fun vibe. Standout silhouettes build a sculptural thread between elegant Shōji screens and en vogue motifs.

The large and luxurious living space of our first Japanese home interior features end-to-end glass across opposite aspects. The facing openings create a pure flow of nature from the sunny garden in the South to the shaded narrow courtyard to the North. When the glass is retracted, there is blissful airflow for an outdoor experience whilst under cool cover.

A tea room design occupies the same space as the lounge. The tea table rises shallowly out of the wooden floor, in a Horigotatsu table fashion that allows legs to be stretched out in a recess underneath. The traditional concept is given a modern twist with sharp lines and sleek styling.

Authentic tatami mats border the tea room and lounge, which not only adds softness underfoot but serves to dampen the acoustics of the large and lofty room

The dining room doubles as a home library with built-in bookcases along one entire wall.

A ​​teppanyaki setup makes a dynamic sociable setting.

An internal courtyard is surrounded by terraces on three sides, offering places of sunlight and shade.

There is another, smaller courtyard attached to the home workspace so that the homeowner can feel as though they are within the serenity of nature even when toiling.

Outdoor uplights throw a golden glow across the wood clad home exterior and onto wooden overhangs that surround the courtyards.

The master bedroom is a zen inspired design with a close and tangible connection to the courtyard. The bed design is a unique frame with attached bedside shelves and a consolidated home workspace behind the headboard. Large format, black stone tiles run the length of the bedroom toward an open plan ensuite.

Inside the ensuite bathroom, a beautiful wooden bathtub basks in the sunlight.

A matching wooden bench is aligned alongside the tub, creating a drop zone for clothes and toiletries.

A hot tub beds down between rocks to achieve a natural look.

In this modern Japanese interior design, an upholstered modular sofa crosses a floor of traditional tatami mats.

A throw pillow provides comfy seating at the opposite side of a bold coffee table design. See more unique coffee tables.

The most eye-catching part of the open plan living space are two boldly oversized dining room pendant lights. Despite their enormous size, their white paper shades give them a light aesthetic that complements Shoji screen doors. Small stools give the dining set a clean look.

An elephant figurine adds sculptural interest in the front entryway, next to an elegant indoor plant.

Linen table runners dress a simple wooden dining table.

A shallow fruit bowl makes an understated table centrepiece. See more ideas for modern fruit bowls.

Our final interior design and CGI images are of a small Tokyo apartment inspired by Japanese aesthetics.

A backdrop of Shoji screens is outshone by a quirky ​​Etcetera Lounge Chair, by Jan Ekselius for Swedish brand Artilleriet.

An outrageous faux fur sofa makes a fabulous statement on the opposite side of the lounge area.

The striking lighting trio above the coffee table are Formakami pendants by Jaime Hayón for &Tradition.

Behind the extraordinary couch design, a cork wall makes a textural backdrop.

Black stucco and black window frames create dark contrast with the pale furniture pieces.

A trendy racetrack-shaped dining table pulls another dark element into the living room.

Two gloss black dining room pendant lights hang low over the black wood and concrete table.

A one wall kitchen follows a lighter palette with natural timber base units and fresh white uppers. A raw grey concrete backsplash and a matching countertop cut through the kitchen run, highlighted by a ribbon of LEDs.

The white minimalist bedroom gains character from a circular recess in the wall stucco above the bed.

Small, black bedroom pendant lights and two matching black metal bedside units flank the bed with stark black accents. A majestic, white coated Bonsai tree sculpture tops a tall stack of bedside reading material. Scatter cushions casually make up cosy reading nooks at each side of the room.

Shoji doors give the wardrobe a hint of ancient Japan.

The platform bed lays light wood tone upon the crisp white bedroom rug.

A grey bed runner coordinates with the polished concrete floor. Black track lights echo the stark black window frames.

In the bathroom, a round mirror ties in with the curves of a racetrack-shaped vanity unit. The vanity pendant light matches the style of the bedroom pendants to achieve one cohesive aesthetic throughout.

Inside the shower area, a unique backlit wall feature adds a mysterious, frosted glow to the dark and moody grey stucco. Perimeter LEDs add a wash of practical task lighting into the slatted enclosure.

Floor plan.

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