Saudis celebrate Mother’s Day ahead of Ramadan

With only a few days until Ramadan, Saudis were making changes to their plans to celebrate Mother’s Day on Tuesday.

Each year, mothers vow not to go overboard with Ramadan preparations, but can still be found lining up in stores to buy decorations and table settings, or busy in the kitchen preparing for the celebrations.

Their unmatched strength is one of the reasons Saudis celebrate their mothers.

“I never understood how moms can do so many things at once until I became a mom myself. It is the unconditional love we have for our children that moves us to do this, and not think of how or why,” said Sarah Battal, a mother of three young boys.

“So, I made it a tradition to treat my mother and myself to a much-needed pampering at a spa treatment center.”

Mother’s Day can be tricky for Saudis — fail to remember the special day and mothers will remind them by sharing how others celebrated. But if one does remember, their mother may well say that every day should be Mother’s Day.

“To be fair, they are not wrong. Every day should be a Mother’s Day,” said Naif Abdulaziz, a father of two.

“I don’t know how hard it is to be a mom, but I can get a sense of how that might feel like watching my mom take care of us growing up, and watching how wonderfully my wife is doing as a mother.”

For those living in Riyadh, there are many ways to show appreciation for mothers on this special day, including a reservation for tea at the Four Seasons, the Ritz-Carlton’s Chorisia Lounge or at Oplaisir.

“This year, I am making a surprise visit to my mom as she lives in another city, and I am taking her to buy spices from the old markets in Riyadh. This is her favorite thing to do,” said Abdullah Ibrahim, a Saudi chemical engineer based in Dhahran.

For those living in other cities, a quick and easy way to show love and appreciation is to send a colorful bouquet of flowers with a special note.

Online flower stores that offer a same-day express delivery in the Kingdom include Floward, Lamuda, Little Flora and Gifto.