Putin's war crimes exposed as Biden accuses him of trying to 'wipe out' Ukrainians in 'genocide': Damning international report released as 'beautiful' girl,16, is identified as Bucha victim ‘raped and shot in the head’ by Russian troops

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Karina Yershova, 16, was found shot in the back of the head after she was allegedly raped and murdered by Russian troops.

Afriend of Yershova's mother, Olesya Vasylets wrote on Facebook: 'Friends, terrible news. Racists killed my friend's daughter Karina Yershova. 16-year-old Karina Yershova.... the pain is terrible. She was mocked, raped, and then shot in the trash. Today my mother found out that she was killed and created a help group. Please help me bury her, I knew this kid for years, taught her English, she was a very bright and talented girl.' Yershova disappeared early last month and on March 10 her mother appealed for information to 'help me find my daughter' who was last seen on 'energy workers street' in Bucha. 'I really hope for help, thank you,' she said.

It is not clear if Yershova, whose late father was a soldier who fought pro-Russian sepratists in Donbas in 2014, was targeted on purpose by Russian forces. The teenager's death is the latest discovery in the Bucha massacre which left more than 400 civilians dead, although the exact number killed is still unknown.

* Ukrainian teenager Karina Yershova was found raped and shot in the back of her head in a backyard in Bucha

* Moscow has been accused of Bucha war crimes after hundreds were found dead in the suburb of capital Kyiv

* OSCE report today accused Russia of 'clear patterns of international humanitarian law violations' in Ukraine

* US's Joe Biden has branded Russia's atrocities in Ukraine a 'genocide' but said he would let his lawyers decide

* Under international conventions, a formal declaration of genocide normally requires countries to intervene

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