President Biden says he'd be 'sleeping alone' if he wasn't a Philadelphia Eagles fan alongside his 'Philly girl' wife, Jill Biden

"You all think I'm kidding," Biden quipped at a fundraiser last week where he spoke of his wife's longtime love for the Philadelphia Eagles.

First lady Jill Biden, whom President Joe Biden calls a true "Philly girl," loves the Philadelphia Eagles.

So with the Eagles set to play the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, he couldn't help but remark on her longtime football fandom this week.

Biden, a native of Scranton, Pa., represented nearby Delaware in the Senate for 36 years before serving as vice president and then as president.

But Jill Biden, who graduated from high school in the Philadelphia suburbs, doesn't play around when it comes to her team.

And the president knows he can't forget it.

Last week, Biden joked that "I'd be sleeping alone" if he wasn't a fan of the team alongside his wife.

"You all think I'm kidding," he quipped at a Philadelphia fundraiser last week. "No, those are no joke. No, I am not kidding."

"I mean, it's — it's really absolutely amazing. I mean, the certitude," Biden said of his wife's belief that the Eagles will win the championship this year.

The first lady will travel to Arizona to attend Sunday's game.