Mrs Dubai Universe 2021, Pamala Serena Rull: The Perfect Blend Of Beauty And Brains

The Mrs Dubai Universe 2021, who is also been a former Miss India UK crown winner, added that she's not only representing herself and the nation on the podium that day, but was also representing the invisible in her country.

Pamala Serena Rull won the Mrs Dubai Universe 2021 title three months ago by beating out 25 other contestants for the title in a global pageant held in Dubai. Dappered is a gorgeous abaya with a beautiful hood and gold mask, inspired by the Dubai Expo logo symbol colours; Mrs Dubai Universe 2021, Pamala Serena Rull, was the only one among all contestants who chose to represent Dubai in the national costume segment of the Mrs Dubai Universe Beauty pageant contest.

The diva, a 3rd generation British Indian by birth, looked stunningly gorgeous in the traditional attire of the middle-east country that was designed by Aaron Escatron Cadenas of Aaronic Atelier. The designer wanted the costume to reveal the winning traits of Pamela- Confidence, charisma and character. The outfit brought alive; the fantasy flavoured decadence and eccentricity into existence.

On being asked about her costume choice, Pamala Serena replied, "I have been living in Dubai for the past ten years and loved how this country embraces the vast spectrum of nationalities it possesses. It has allowed me to meet with many people with different backgrounds and lifestyles and inspired me to come across traditions and ideas from other cultures. This was my way of showing gratitude to my second home. Also, I would like to thank my designers and the people working behind the scenes who make such covetable items and an aspirational lifestyle into a reality.

The Mrs Dubai Universe 2021 who is also been a former Miss India UK crown winner added that she's not only representing herself and the nation on the podium that day. But was also representing the invisible in her country, the victims of conflict arms, the single mothers, and the elderly. She always believed that age is not a barrier to reaching our dreams or impacting others.

Since winning the title as reigning Mrs Universe Dubai, Pamala Serene is fulfilling her desire to give back to society in whichever way she can. She got associated with 2 children’s charity funds namely Liter of Light And Earth Angels NGO and actively participated in all their services. Pamala is always vocal about her vision to work for the upliftment of women in society. The reason she is seen Promoting Women Empowerment projects. Currently, she has joined the board of the First Ladies Forum Economic Development Summit Dubai 2022.

Her spirit and kindness, have recently won her the Global WOMANS awards as ‘The Successful Public Figure Award” 2022 and later bestowed with prestigious The Ambassador of Peace by the official UN (United Nations).

Pamala hailed from a well to do family and was very fortunate to be nurtured to become a confident woman. She has a Bachelor's Honors degree in Psychology from University London. she got the chance to learn both the British and Punjabi Indian cultures and history from her elders. Moreover, her decade long-stay in the UAE allowed her to understand and learn about multiple cultures. She can fluently speak English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.
Apart from her social obligation, Pamala Serena Rull is also seen playing the role of a mentor for the forthcoming Mrs Dubai Universe 2022 pageant participants. Her goal is to make the aspirants enjoy the life-changing opportunities she experienced through her intense journey. Furthermore, she wholeheartedly wants to make a voice and make a difference. For Pamala, beauty is not about one's exterior look, but it's a blend of attributes such as inner strength and maturity to handle the role of being a Mrs Universe. She helps the contenders understand the relevance and importance of these core strengths in the real Mrs Dubai Universe.