Member of police watchdog slams Miss HK show as ‘too revealing’

A member of the city’s police watchdog has criticized local TV shows and movies for their sexual and violent content that contributed to the city’s increasing child abuse cases and singled out broadcaster TVB’s Miss HK show for being “too revealing.”

Helen Yu Lai Ching-ping, a member of the Independent Police Complaints Council, made the comments during a council meeting on Tuesday when members were discussing the city’s child abuse cases.

Yu said the “widespread” sexual and violent content in TV shows and movies has contributed to the city’s increasing child abuse cases.

She urged relevant government departments such as the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration to step up efforts to stop the proliferation of such content.

Yu also singled out the annual Miss Hong Kong Pageant organized by broadcaster TVB, saying she found the swimwear session in which contestants wore bikinis to answer questions from interviewers incomprehensible.

“Is it necessary to answer questions in an air-conditioned room with Eric Tsang Chi-wai [General Manager of TVB] looking straight at you? Why do they have to answer questions while wearing bikinis? I really don’t understand,” she said during the meeting.

Responding to the criticism, a TVB statement on Wednesday strongly condemns individuals for making malicious and unfounded accusations against company executives while not mentioning Yu by name.

The statement also wrote that the broadcaster has strictly followed the Generic Code of Practice on Television Programme Standards, adding that any actions that bundle the Miss Hong Kong Pageant with issues related to child abuse, violence, and sex are immoral and irresponsible; thus, disrespectful to the contestants.