Luxury Beachfront Property In A Jungle Landscape

Luxury beachfront property in Costa Rica. Featuring sustainable tropical architecture, passive systems, a tropical courtyard design and luxury interiors.

A series of pavilions shape this 1000 square metre beachfront property in Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica, expertly designed by architects Studio Saxe. Lush tropical landscape integrates a jungle experience into the fragmented home, and beautifully frames the ocean view.

A pioneer in sustainable tropical architecture, the project features passive systems that honour its wonderfully green surroundings. Cross ventilation between the living programs merges into a stunning courtyard design too, rich with plant life.

Inside the home, interiors unfold under blissfully cooling white decor schemes with earthy wood tone accents. Retractable glass walls connect the indoor living spaces with the jungle on their doorstep, so that Mother Nature is only ever a footstep away.

In this unique fragmented property design, separate pavilions house the bedrooms, living spaces and service areas. The luxurious living room is a fresh white, wide open space. White sofas draw an L-shaped border around the lounge area, whilst a luxury kitchen diner occupies the remainder of the volume.

A rustic coffee table adds golden honey tone into the middle of the ethereal interior. Recessed perimeter lights shine a gold glow around the ceiling line.

Retractable doors break open the living room pavilion on two whole sides, adjoining the interior living space with the gorgeous landscape.

Just outside of the kitchen living room combo, a huge dining set occupies the terrace. A series of dining room pendant lights repeat along its length.

Floating wooden steps run the entire length of the building to ensure that the indoor and outdoor space flow together effortlessly. The oak dining table matches the wooden stair finish.

Fourteen dining chairs await a large party of guests.

A decked area, a couple of outdoor chairs and a small side table make up a separate sitting area.

Circulation of indoor and outdoor spaces weave a harmony that allows the homeowners to continually submerge into the natural habitat as they alternate between spaces.

At night, there is a magical air about the tropical setting all aglow.

Palm trees grow right out of the sun deck.

A bed of tropical plants grows along the edge of the deck, putting the swimming pool in a lush jungle.

The planting thins out to a lawn on the other side, creating a cleared area to lay out sun loungers.

Exterior lights illuminate the stairs at night so that there are no stumbles.

An elegant outdoor sofa and chairs form a mini exterior lounge by the end of the swimming pool, cooled by the shade of the leaning palms.

The illuminated pool and uplit plants provided pretty colour after dark.

Several sitting areas offer options along the pool deck.

The ocean panorama sparkles through the trees on the property.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs are angled toward the beachfront views.

Separate programs facilitate cross-ventilation, since every space is exposed on two to three exterior walls.

The overlapping roofs of the pavilions create a charming circulation of space between the programs.

Extended rooflines have been included to offer protection from the searing sun and from rainfall through carefully calculated bioclimatic design.

The analysation of precipitation, sun pattern and wind ensures comfort with minimum energy consumption, and so reduces the house’s environmental footprint.

Many other sustainable systems were brought into play here too. Rainwater catchment and water recycling systems, as well as energy generation puts passive design at the heart of this project.

A series of thin columns support the roof planes, which creates a lightly floating effect.

Steel and wood construction, and concrete foundations facilitate the illusion.

A pathway weaves through the grounds, passing between senior trees and smaller shrubs. An outdoor swing chair makes a dreamy spot for whiling away the hours in the shade with a good book and a cocktail in hand.

Retractable glass walls erase the boundaries between the home interior and the glorious outdoor spaces.

The bedrooms open up to the tropical landscape and to the calming sound of the ocean.

4 poster beds furnish the bedrooms, so that a canopy of curtains can be drawn around the beds to keep out any bugs that may enter through the open windows. In this graceful white suite, a pure white couch replaces the average end of bed bench, and another seating area is situated in the cross breeze between two windows. A driftwood table establishes an appropriately beachy aesthetic.

A natural rug adds a moment of warm texture to the polished white concrete floor, which complements earthy wood tone furniture pieces around the room.

Rattan wall lights illuminate walkways and wood slatted cladding.

A dressing room leads into a bathroom, toward the glow of globe bathroom vanity lights.

Skylights add ventilation to the bathrooms. Wood and rattan finishes maintain the naturalistic look.

The stunning property is set back justa short walk from the beach. From above, it’s easy to see how the overlapping rooflines form the canopy of the tropical courtyard design, and how the trees at its core protrude through.

Front elevation of the beachfront property.

Southeast elevation.

The floor plan illustrates the division of volumes, and the allocated use of each individual program. We’re also able to see how the architecture interacts with the landscape, moving around established senior trees, and where new lines of shrubs are implemented to shield, guide and define the outer areas and elements of the home.

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