Lush Balinese Villas That Show Off The Beauty Of Tropical Living

Luxury Balinese villas with gorgeous architecture, lavish interiors, tropical landscaping, outdoor swimming pools, and fish ponds with meditative vibes.

These beautiful Balinese villas show off a lush tropical lifestyle that will have you dreaming of a sun drenched getaway. But before you start searching for your passport, take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous architecture, lavish interiors and green landscaping that this collection of four holiday home designs has to offer. Get set to explore a modern tropical abode under great undulating rafters, a traditional fine wood and thatch villa, a crisp property exterior with a dark heart, and an elegant jungle villa with warm orange and green accents. Let’s not overlook the alluring swimming pools that each place is set around too, along with fish filled ponds with meditative vibes.

Padding around the lawned grounds of home design number one, the twilight sky both shades and showcases the dramatic undulation of a unique roofline. Interior lights beam through glass wall bedrooms and living spaces. Pool lights illuminate cool blue water along the sleeping sun deck.

In the morning light, the Balinese villa comes alive with vibrant green trees and shrubs. Hanging plants pour out of first floor balconies.

The rectangular pool design features a sunken sundeck and a sloping floor.

The overhang of the waved roofline provides some internal shade for the house to keep rooms cool.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs pull up around the edge of the pool on an L-shaped deck, looking out onto the tropical garden.

Mature trees grow an oasis of privacy around the property.

Inside of the house there is a totally different vibe from the natural timber deck and abundant nature outside. The interior is an industrial grey open plan, dotted with colourful modern art and contemporary furniture.

A rustic dining set brings back the tropical vibe. A matching rustic dining bench serves one side of the table whilst four stylish dining chairs up the formal aesthetic on the opposite side.

A suspended staircase design gives rise to the upper floor over stone treads. One wall of the kitchen slots into the space under the open staircase, but the bulk of the kitchen utility is situated around a central island volume.

A goddess statue reclines by the wall of the kitchen, surrounded by the natural beauty of plants and trees.

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling makes a fitting coffee table book for the tropical setting.

Up in the bedroom we catch our first glimpse of how the unusual undulating roofline translates into the internal space. Great sweeping rafters pull over the bed, like the sinews of a mighty whale.

Custom-made glass walls open up the bedroom to panoramic views of the landscape.

Bespoke curtain rails pull across the curvaceous window and door frames.

Kuno Villas at Gili Trawangan is a three bedroom vacation property, built traditionally with fine wood and a thatched roof.

The elegant holiday destination is surrounded by tropical gardens and its own outdoor swimming pool.

An outdoor lounge overlooks the freeform pool and its rushing waterfall feature.

Inside, wooden interiors are broken with fresh white accents and pops of yellow.

Framed ceilings create a unique 4 poster bed effect in one of the three suites.

Bespoke dressing tables merge into wood framed walls.

Bathrooms are full of rustic tropical character. In this one, indoor pools present a bridged walkway to the bathtub. The wooden bridge is actually the shower platform, with the shower controls located on a freestanding column at one side.

This ensuite pushes the shower out into a garden border.

Muxarabi screens open the bathrooms up to plentiful ventilation whilst screening the sunlight. Solid wood bathroom furniture matches the rustic architecture of the place, and complements the natural pools and plants implemented into the design.

Stepping stones emerge from the shallow waters of a reflection pool.

Rocks and shrubs build a natural border around the outdoor swimming pool.

This modern three bedroom villa has crisp exterior landscaping with a linear sundeck and elongated pool. A high border of tropical trees grows a dense wall of privacy.

Chic outdoor lounge furniture is dressed with stylish monochrome throws and scatter cushions.

A fish pond sets out an area for quiet reflection, with the bubbling splash of a water fountain to aid the meditative state.

The dark interior style exudes sophistication. A vaulted ceiling keeps the inside of the villa feeling airy. A cluster of oversized living room pendant lights drop great lengths from the wooden rafters.

Across from the modern black sofa, a low lounge chair reclines at either side of the TV wall.

Directors chairs make up a unique modern dining set with a solid black table. Tubular dining room pendant lights drop like gold wind chimes overhead.

A red runner lays a bright stripe through a black bedroom scheme.

Patterned accents break up the black bed set on an imposing black 4 poster bed.

A skylight spills sunshine into a grey concrete bathroom.

Our last tour takes place in an elegant jungle villa with a tree shaded patio.

A swimming pool dominates the outdoor area, pushing up against a lush border of tropical plants.

The villa opens up to the outdoors with a bar area.

Green and orange accents lift the grey stone and rich wood surroundings.

Slab stepping stones cross a fish pond.

Bright bedrooms are decorated with traditional art and textiles, in a decidedly more muted green and orange palette.

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