Jennie's Collaboration with Gentle Monster

New “Lesyeuxdenini” glasses to wrap this exciting collaboration.

Closing the book on Jennie’s collaboration with Gentle Monster— ‘Jentle Garden’, Jennie announces an exclusive new pair of sunglasses. This crystal framed sunglass called “Lesyeuxdenini” combines the perfect amount of glamour and simplicity in its design. Upon the product’s launch, Jennie came to the ‘Jentle Garden’ popup at the Gentle Monster LA Flagship store to showcase her new look.

This crystal-framed sunglass comes in a crystal-covered leather case, enhancing its charm and elegance. Jennie also included a flower-shaped keyring which she carefully designed herself. Leaving her mark on this product, Jennie left special versions of “Lesyeuxdenini” at the popup with her autograph on them.

Consumers can find ‘Lesyeuxdenini’ online as well as limited quantities of the pair with her autograph on them at the Gentle Monster LA Flagship store starting April 13.

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