Hong Kong police arrest three after finding dismembered remains of model

Parents and brother of Abby Choi’s ex-husband arrested after police make grisly discovery at rented village home

Hong Kong police have made three arrests over the murder and dismemberment of a 28-year-old model after what authorities allege was a financial dispute with her ex-husband’s family.

The partial remains of the influencer Abby Choi, who last week appeared on the digital cover of L’Officiel Monaco fashion magazine, were found in a village house, police said.

Supt Alan Chung told reporters on Saturday that police were still trying to locate the head, after disclosing that a woman’s limbs had been discovered inside a refrigerator.

The father, mother and elder brother of Choi’s ex-husband have been arrested and will be charged with murder, he added. The whereabouts of her ex-husband were unknown.

“We believe the victim and her ex-husband’s family had many financial disputes involving huge sums,” Chung said. “Someone was dissatisfied with how the victim handled her assets.”

Choi was first reported missing on Wednesday. She was allegedly last seen by her ex-husband’s brother, who also worked as her chauffeur. Police also alleged the family had earlier lied to mislead investigators.

The village house had been recently rented and was unfurnished, suggesting it was set up to dispose of Choi’s body, Chung added.