Hong Kong man's penis shrinks to one fifth of original size after 'enlargement' surgery

A Hong Kong man sued his doctor in Taiwan after his penis enlargement surgery failed, leaving his sexual organ only one-fifth of its original length.

According to Taiwanese media, the 20-year-old Hong Kong man surnamed Yuen was dissatisfied with the size of his sexual organ. He searched for "fat transplant in penis" online and found a doctor in Taiwan surnamed Ding, who was supposed to be an expert in this area.

On December 11, 2018, Yuen went to a medical beauty clinic in Taipei where Ding conducted the penis enlargement surgery on him. It involved transplanting fat from other body parts into the penis to make it longer and thicker, lengthening suspensory ligaments, and circumcision.

After the surgery, the patient suffered from penis inflammation and other complications. But the clinic only gave him painkillers. He then turned to a hospital for treatments.

The hospital found there was necrosis and gangrene for the head of his penis, and the length of his sexual organ shrank to one fifth of its original.

In addition, his urethral was displaced, causing urinary difficulties and other injuries.

Believing there was a medical blunder, the Hongkonger sued the doctor in a Taipei court for negligence.

The doctor denied negligence during the prosecution's investigation. The prosecutor then sent the case to the Medical Review Committee of the Ministry of Health and Welfare for assessment.

The committee found the doctor's evaluation and examination before the surgery were not detailed enough and the medical records were incomplete, which was not in line with medical practice and involved negligence.

Following mediation between the two parties, the Hong Kong man withdrew the lawsuit. Prosecution dropped the case on February 18.