Heading Back to the Office? Take Fashion Inspiration From These 18 Movies

Consider these outfit ideas for easing back into nine-to-five style.

With a return-to-office plan comes a return to business attire. Whether your company is moving toward a hybrid model or a full five-day-a-week schedule, the thought of easing back into a 9-to-5 style can be seriously overwhelming-especially after 2020, a year largely spent at home in our sweats and PJs. But if you’re feeling uninspired, fear not! We’ve rounded up some stylish workplace movies to make dressing up again just a tad bit easier.

On our list of the best fashion workplace movies is, naturally, The Devil Wears Prada-debatably the most stylish office movie of all time. Why not make a splash in the office by channeling Miranda Priestley in her statement coats and Prada bags? Equally as chic, and perhaps more subtle, is Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. Her tailored, boxy suits are perfect for work and couldn’t be more on-trend right now, thanks to street style stars. And the best part is her character wears said suits with chunky sneakers, meaning you won’t have to slip back into your excruciating heels.

If the 1970s is more your vibe, look no further than Faye Dunaway in Network: Her impeccable wardrobe consisting of pussy-bow blouses, checked coats, and paisley scarves is classic (in fact, these items look as if they could appear on a Celine runway today). For a more modern look, take note of Jennifer Lopez in Second Act. Her super-sleek closet of pencil skirts, work blouses, and structured bags are boardroom-ready.

Below, more stylish workplace movies for outfit inspiration.