Funky Rooms That Creative Teens Would Love

If you want to give your teen every chance of blossoming into a creative adult, start with the bedroom. Check out these teen rooms for inspiration.

A teenager's room should be more than a place they can retreat when they don't want to talk to their parents. It should be a reflection of their personality and a space where they can feel comfortable, safe, and inspired. The rooms in this post are particularly creative in their use of color and other design elements, ultimately creating vibrant spaces where even the most finicky and fickle teenagers would love to hole up. While not all the spaces are bedrooms, they would all be ideal rooms for teens to call their own.

The first room from visualizer Pavel Vetrov uses contrasting colors to bring an exciting energy to the bedroom. The black and yellow contrast is immediately eye popping and mood elevating. The study area and sofa make this an ideal office for a creative teen, giving plenty of space to relax but also space to focus.

The second space, from visualizer Svitlana Petelko is a more typical bedroom, with a soft sided bed taking up much of the area. The study space in this room is particularly notable. Not only does the desk provide ample room for a computer as well as any handwritten assignments, the amazing ferris wheel wall decal gives it a special pop of youthful – but stylish – innocence.

This bedroom strives to bring the creative flow to the surface. What it might lack in square footage it makes up for in color and kinetics. Not only is there the requisite study space, but there is a gymnastics area, a chalkboard wall, and plenty of art. The room encourages all aspects of intelligence.

This next bedroom is an ideal space for teens who are forced to share a room – or who tend to have their fair share of sleepovers. The two beds make it comfortable for anyone to spend the night while a small and sleek desk area is ideal for studying. The custom shelving that surrounds the TV is a chance for the occupant to really express herself with books, music, and personal effects.

In another instance of yellow bringing a cheerful bent to any room, we see this youthful space. Perhaps a bit young for a teenager, it might be a great space for an older kid, becoming a teen, not yet sure of his personal style.

The final room feels a bit darker and ultimately very sophisticated. From an Eames-inspired desk chair to a massive canopy bed, it is almost too comfortable and cozy in here, making it all too easy to while away the late mornings and every weekend.