Expatriate lady doctor arrested for performing abortions illegally in Riyadh

An expatriate female doctor was arrested for performing abortions illegally at a clinic run by her in a famous private medical complex in the center of Riyadh. The arrest of the doctor and her female assistant were made during a raid carried out by the Ministry of Health (MoH) officials, in cooperation with the security authorities.

The MoH inspection teams found that the abortions were carried out in violation of the Kingdom’s rules and regulations. The ministry officials inspected the clinic after receiving information about the doctor performing abortions without meeting the minimum medical and health requirements.

The Riyadh MoH compliance teams raided the facility after holding secret negotiations with the doctor by an official, posing as a customer for performance of abortion illegally. The doctor agreed to carry out abortion for fee amounting to SR8000. The designated MoH teams, together with the security officials, raided the facility and arrested the doctor and her female assistant.

The MoH compliance teams seized expired medical instruments and medical equipment for abortion. The lady doctor and her assistant have been referred to the Public Prosecution for committing violation of Article 28 of the Law of Practicing Healthcare Professions. The penalty for the violation includes imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or a fine of not more than SR100000 or of both.

The compliance teams also referred the medical complex to the Committee that look into the violations of private health institutions.

The ministry reiterated that it would continue inspection visits of health facilities to ensure the application of health requirements and patient safety standards. The ministry reaffirmed that it will not tolerate any shortcomings that affect the health and safety of citizens and residents, and that it will continue to take legal measures and impose maximum penalties on any health institution that fails to adhere to the required quality standards of health services.

The ministry has designated number 937 to receive information of all health violations that will be dealt with confidentially.