Luxury Open Concept Home With Pool & Party Room In Brazil

Luxurious open concept home with pool in Brazil, featuring huge sun terraces, vertical gardens, open plan living spaces, sliding walls, and a private party room

Located in a residential area of São Paulo, Brazil, the design concept for this luxury 1280 square metre home all started with the swimming pool. Designed by Matheus Farah + Manoel Maia Arquitetura, this luxurious home design centres around a huge pool that can be seen from the majority of rooms in the house, where the easy indoor-outdoor living style is bestowed. The architecture of Ibsen House was created to facilitate shared moments and connected living by way of impressively large sliding walls, whilst also providing intimate privacy. The home’s most private space is located underground, where special neon lighting and acoustic treatments shape the Redroom, the ultimate party hideaway.

Retractable walls break open the large open plan living space, fully connecting the luxurious living room with the expansive pool terrace and gardens.

A wooden volume is suspended above the kitchen diner area. Its solid wooden facade peels back with two sets of bifold shutters to reveal a modern home office space. To maintain the suspended wooden block appearance, the ceiling of the home office is also completely wood clad. Bookshelves draw colour across the back wall.

At dusk, the vast vertical garden walls are illuminated to surround the open sided home with lush greenery even after dark. The tropical leaves grow dramatic texture and form to feather the edges of the linear modern architecture.

The open layout is a coordinated plan of colour, materials and connected functionality that maintains a close relationship with the outer environment.

The layout is almost free of fixed walls. The vertical gardens and large sliding panels divide the living spaces, creating tranquil hybrid areas that cause crossed encounters.

At one end of the luxurious living room, a TV lounge is furnished with a massive bookcase that explodes colour into the grey white and wood tone decor scheme. Deep blue accent pieces provide further disruption from the neutral palette, by way of scatter cushions and statement chairs.

A large area rug defines the comfortable lounge area from the rest of the open plan by forming a cosy island of light colour and soft texture underfoot.

A formal dining area runs alongside the lengthy kitchen island at the other side of the room.

The underside of the wood-clad suspended home office volume is reflected by a solid wood kitchen island countertop. A concrete base builds cool contrast.

A second lounge is situated out on the decked terrace, right up by the swimming pool.

A piece of modern art basks in the sunlight.

The exterior arrangement of commanding blocks are interrupted by more vertical gardens that harmoniously meld the volumes with the tropical surroundings.

The architecture and planting guarantee intimate discretion.

Red outdoor furniture upholstery marks the change in zone from the cool blue accented interior.

A rooftop deck adds to the house’s leisure areas.

On the other side of the social volume, doors on longitudinal tracks open to connect with an outdoor dining room.

Moving to the upper floor, we see the suspended home office from the inside. When closed, the wood slatted shutters create a private cocoon.

Once opened up, the modern home office comes alive with natural sunlight.

A bespoke built-in desk, storage units and wall shelves fill the full length of the narrow workspace.

A small indoor lounge and kitchen adjoin with the roof terrace.

The rooftop social areas offer a privileged view over the local neighbourhood. Guest rooms and other private facilities overlook the pool through large windows.

An outdoor dining set, outdoor sofas and a large jacuzzi are set upon a parade of wood decking, whilst a set of sun loungers recline upon a grassy verge.

Going underground, not only does the house hold a fitness room and a large garage but there is access to the hidden Redroom. Atmospheric red lighting and special acoustic treatments facilitate an ideal location for the homeowner’s private parties.

Red neon lights stripe the ceiling and walls of the party room, creating a glitzy nightclub appearance. An illuminated bar brightly strikes down the length of the space, making backlit silhouettes of the modern bar stools. A big TV screen is set in place for sports and events.

The wood slatted shutters that reinstate privacy cross the wide open sided volumes cause attractive light play upon the interiors.

Vertical gardens and tall tropical trees afford glass walled rooms with sunlight-filled privacy.

Exterior stairs link the terraces.

The ground floor plan makes an L-shaped arrangement around the edge of the rectangular swimming pool, placing the master suite perpendicular to the main living room.

Two stylish lounge chairs and a small table make a perfect spot for morning coffee on the bedroom deck.

The suspended deck is created by the supporting structure of the bedroom’s wide wood slatted privacy shutters.

Sleek white marble fashions a luxe bathroom interior, where black fixtures & fittings and a black toilet pan provide dark accents. A square skylight opens up the ceiling to natural daylight.

Clad in honey-toned timber, the contemporary home exterior warmly contrasts the clear blue skies.