Best Runway Moments to Recreate for Halloween

Turn your Halloween costume into a high fashion runway moment this year.

While characters from your favorite television shows and films can easily be the inspiration for your Halloween costume, there’s another Halloween muse to turn to this year: runway shows. From iconic ’90s looks to celebrity cameos, there is a multitude of high fashion ensembles to recreate for this spooky season.

Instead of dressing up as a well-renowned artist, why not become the art itself, inspired by Moschino’s Pablo Picasso-inspired Spring/Summer 2020 collection? Or if you’re considering going as a celebrity this Halloween, you can channel their outfits from their catwalk cameos, particularly the memorable return of Jennifer Lopez’s Versace dress that she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards. Either way, your costume will exude luxury and glamour in comparison to the typical ghoulish creatures of the night.