Stop dancing in Prince Andrew's blood!

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The British junk-journalists do not stop their dance on the body of its current victim, Prince Andrew, even after he has fully satisfied his accuser’s huge appetite. Rapist and pedophile, are just the two of lies they keep spreading about him.

But, out of lust for sucking the prince's blood they fail to notice that they, too, are drowning in the blood of their victim.

And their equally bloodthirsty readers also miss the rare opportunity to take advantage of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal to really help women and girls in need.

Let’s start with the ugliest thing that spoils the whole hooligan-press party: facts.

1. Prince Andrew’s accuser was not a minor. She was 17. 

A very young age for sex with such an old man, but in most countries of the world, it is not an illegal age, certainly not a minor, and an age that has nothing to do with the horrible crime of pedophilia. In fact, according to the law set in 1885 in the United Kingdom, the ‘age of consent’ for sex between two heterosexual adults is actually 16!

I am not trying to downplay the moral flaw of having sex with such an age gap, but it is the press that is to blame for the fact that girls of this age are the sex fantasy of so many old men, instead of real, full, mature, experienced, and juicy women, as in the happy days of the Renaissance.

Let's remember where it started, who started it and how we got here.

Those who made a huge fortune from promoting a girl (Kate Moss),who looked much younger than Prince Andrew’s accuser, were the press.

For many years, the press has been brainwashing men into internalising that the symbol of sexuality is not real, mature, women who look like women and understand sex like experienced women, but anorexic girls at an age that completely blurs the line between the legal age, a forbidden age, and, what may be deemed the ‘proper’ age.

And that is the source of all evil. It turned young girls into sexual fantasies, and healthy, mature, women into unwanted products. The press should take responsibility for this instead of pointing their dirty finger at Prince Andrew. All the men of his age and all the women who have already passed the age of twenty, are the victims of this destructive and brainwashing press.

It does not make the sex of a man at of Prince Andrew’s age with a 17-year-old girl morally correct, but it certainly puts him on the back bench of the courtroom and not in the dock. There, in the dock, should sit all the media and the fashion industry that have promoted young girls as sex symbols. By doing this, they have destroyed the self confidence of every mature woman that looks ‘too healthy’ comparing to the “Pedo-Cocaine-Look”.

2. Prince Andrew's accuser was a prostitute. Not a rape-victim.

 Prince Andrew did not force her to have sex. Nor did he surprise her by demanding sex. According to her own testimony and that of her boyfriend at the time, she met Prince Andrew for sexual-business, after having sex-business with many mega-rich and super-influential men, (actually much richer than Prince Andrew), including the richest man in the world at that time, and a former US President, and with a publisher of the world most influential economic newspaper who was also the candidate for President of the United States. They simply paid the silence-money in time, as this scenario is a commonplace event.

But the accuser must not be blamed! It’s not only business people who are allowed to take advantage of business opportunities to maximise their profits. A prostitute is also allowed to do whatever any and all other businessmen do.

The terrible sin of the media and of society as a whole, is that we are attacking Prince Andrew who has merely procured immoral services according to the good and free will of both parties, instead of the real problem that is supposed to bother each and every one of us.

Why do we all, as a global society (in America, as well as in Britain), allow this situation when there are so many poor girls, or victims of domestic violence, who are also forced to provide prostitution services just because of their economic and mental state, when the whole world stinks from free printed money?

Why don’t we all, as a society, make sure that our tax money is allocated, first and foremost, to save minorities from inevitable-prostitution, instead of our tax money being wasted on corrupt politicians and their corrupt partners who steal the public money to finance their luxurious, decadent and immoral indulgences?

And why only minorities? Why, as a society, do we also allow so many single adult mothers to become prostitutes, just because that’s ‘their only way to make a living’ and feed and educate their kids?

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room and divert our attention to junk-journalism: apart from the four hundred girls who provided paid sex services to Jeffery Epstein and his world leaders and rich friends; there are many millions of girls and boys who do exactly the same things and are never heard of.

The libido of Prince Andrew is not the issue. It is a wholly wrong excuse to divert our attention, care and budget from the real problem of too many young boys, girls and single mothers being forced to provide sex services, simply because we allow our tax money to be diverted in the wrong directions.

3. And, last but not least, is the message from me, a non-British, to you, the consumers of the British junk-journalism:

Your Royal Family is a respectable institution, which all of you should take much better care of and maintain it’s respect. 

Because the honour of your Royal Family is the honour of all your own entire Kingdom, including each and every one of you.

The importance of the whole monarchy is greater than the sum of its parts.

The media, all over the world, has fallen to the bottom where no one is talking about credibility or true integrity anymore. But the English press is addicted to another ugly phenomenon: fattening public icons only to slaughter them with sensational headlines and embarrassing images.

You are polluting the public discourse. You are destroying the monarchy that is the only reason you still exist as such a powerful, rich and advanced nation.

You enjoy seeing someone who enriches you, protects you and entertains you, slaughtered with huge junk-press headlines.

You are cutting down the branches on which you all sit.

None of you benefits from the fact that Prince Andrew was forced to stop his philanthropic activities.

Other than these philanthropic and few ceremonial activities, Prince Andrew has never had a real impact on the lives of any of you.

The only ones who should really interest you are William and Kate. They are your future. Not Andrew.

And, as it seems to my critical judgment so far, your future is in very good hands. They seem absolutely fit for their important future roles in your lives.

So stop ruining your own image in the pursuit of Prince Andrew. What he did was not so nice, but not that bad either.

What you do when you, as a society, ignore your young girls and boys and single mothers in distress, is far worse than anything Prince Andrew did or did not do.

However, Prince Andrew may have done whatever it was that she said he did, or, maybe he simply had to pay the accuser the huge sum required, as in America he had to pay lawyers to prove his innocence, without being sure that the legal circus and the justice-casino-system would succeed in doing him justice. I don’t know. You don’t know too.

All we know is that he paid a huge sum that undoubtedly compensates the alleged victim several times more than that which is really justified to pay in the circumstances of the case, even if all she said was true. So there is no moral justification for continuing to dance in Prince Andrew's blood, and continuing to stab your media-knives in his body over and over again. This is over. She is pleased. He has been punished. Enough. Enough is enough.

Just imagine how much you hurt your dear Queen every time she repeatedly has to read the poisonous media stories against her dear son. 

It’s simply wrong!

Focus on the important, not on hooligan-journalism.

Thank you.