A Swift Disappointment: Why Is Taylor Swift Bypassing Canada on Her Global Tour?

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Canadian 'Swifties' express dismay as global superstar Taylor Swift omits Canada from her extensive 'Eras' tour schedule.

It's a momentous time for Taylor Swift fans globally, as the renowned songwriter embarks on her most extensive stadium tour to date. Swift, 33, presents a three-hour marathon set featuring 40 songs from her extensive career. With four new albums and two re-releases since 2019 - the latest being the adored 2010 album 'Speak Now', which just hit the shelves on Friday - Swift is undoubtedly in high demand.

However, the atmosphere among her Canadian fanbase is less euphoric. Swift's 'Eras' tour, which launched in March, boasts over 100 concerts spanning the globe from the United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia, to Australia, all scheduled until summer 2024. Yet, curiously, Swift has not announced any plans for concerts in Canada, leading to speculations about the seeming oversight.

This apparent oversight led to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau taking a personal approach, appealing to Swift on Twitter to reconsider. Following Swift's announcement of an extra 14 shows in the UK and Europe next year, Trudeau interjected with a plea, using Swift's song 'Anti-Hero' for a catchy tweet: "It's me, hi," Trudeau wrote. "I know places in Canada would love to have you. So, don't make it another cruel summer. We hope to see you soon."

Trudeau's call to action resonates with many Canadian 'Swifties', who feel left out in the cold, questioning their inability to secure a local concert.

Leila Title, a 33-year-old marketing director from Toronto, expressed her disappointment, describing the situation as "devastating." Initially, she had hoped for Swift to announce Canadian tour dates along with other international stops. But as concert dates for Mexico and South America were confirmed, with no word of Canada, Title began to worry.

Jackie Engelberg, also from Toronto, shared similar sentiments. Her attempts to secure a ticket for Swift's New York show proved futile. Left with no option, Engelberg had to wait for a Canadian tour announcement, an announcement that never came.

"I am obviously extremely disappointed and so are all of my fellow Swifties in Canada," Engelberg confessed. She found it surprising that smaller cities like Warsaw made the tour list while Toronto, North America's fourth-largest city, did not.

The mystery surrounding Swift's omission of Canada from her tour remains. No official statement has been made by Swift, her team, or her record label.

Speculations include the potential issues with venue size, as Canada's largest arena seats just over 56,300 fans, significantly less than stadiums like Wembley or MetLife. The weak Canadian dollar compared to US currency is another possibility. However, other major artists like Beyonce and Ed Sheeran haven't shied away from the Great White North.

For now, Swift's silence only fuels the longing of her Canadian fans. "All I want is Taylor to come here," Ms. Title admits, highlighting a sentiment shared by many in Canada.