5 Top Tips For Perfectly Styled Soft Glam Waves

There are hundreds of different hairstyles available to choose from. This can make it difficult to know the best one to choose, especially if you want something that is going to look as stylish in a few weeks as it does today.

Fortunately, soft glam waves are one style that is always in fashion and it is surprisingly easy to do. You simply need to know the right techniques to get the desired result.

The Right Shampoo

Before you can style your hair properly you need to invest in some high-quality shampoo. It’s a good idea to look at a reputable range, such as the purple shampoo collection. You’ll find natural products that are designed for specific types of hair and they moisturize your hair as well as clean it.

Choosing the right product must be your starting point.

Don’t forget that shampooing is only part of the story, you should also deep condition your hair at least once or twice a week.

Add A little Hair Spray

Before you get the curling tongs out spray a little hairspray in your hair and try to make sure it hits every strand of your hair. You will find it is beneficial to fan your hair out to get the best results

Using The Curling Tongs

To get wavy hair you are going to need to use curling tongs and it is a good idea to put a little heat protector in your hair before you start. This will help to prevent it from drying out as you style it.

Simply split your hair into sections and then wrap one section around the barrel of your curling tongs. Hold it for approximately five seconds before moving on to the next section of your hair.

You’ll find this time can be changed to suit your specific needs and desired finish. But, it should always be within a few seconds of the five-second mark.

When you’re doing pieces that frame your face use the tongs upside down. You’ll be surprised at how effective an approach this is.

Doing Your Bangs

To create the soft glam waves look on your bangs you’ll want to start a short way down the bang and then wrap it around the barrel of your tongs. Pull it back as you do so and you’ll get perfect-looking bangs with a gentle wave.

Hydrating Mist

To complete the look you’ll want to spray a little hydrating oil onto your hair. It can help to run your fingers through your hair at the same time, ensuring the oil coats every strand and boosts the soft glam waves look. Of course, you only want a little oil as you don’t want your waves to appear greasy or oily.

It is a good idea to practice, especially if you are trying this hairstyle for a special occasion. Practicing will give you the confidence to do it when you need to and ensure you have great-looking soft glam waves.